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A new way to help feed a growing population and/or save endangered wild salmon species, or just gross?  Soon, you may be able to decide with your spending dollars. AquaBounty Technologies has genetically engineered a salmon that reaches mature size in 18 months, as opposed to 3-4 years, and it may be on your dinner plate in the next two years.  Without. Your. Knowledge. The FDA recently completed hearings about the safety of the fish, the first genetically modified (GM) animal for human consumption, which concludes a 15 year approval process.  The FDA still hasn’t decided whether or not the fish will have to be labeled as GM.  Some commercial crops such as soybean and corn are already genetically modified, but opponents wonder if new food allergies will develop after eating the fish, and whether or not fish will escape the breeding pens and mate with wild fish. The company claims it will only create sterile females, but can they be 100% sure?

An Apple a Day…

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You’ve known the rest of this rhyme since childhood.  Obesity is recognized as one of the major health problems in the US, and more and more health professionals are recognizing the inherent relationship between food and health.  A 1980’s study by the National Academy of Sciences suggested a minimum of 25 hours of nutrition instruction in medical school, but today it is difficult for some schools to even meet that amount. To help rectify the situation, a few medical schools are offering additional nutrition classes, while at other schools students are taking a knife and food into their own hands to learn how to cook.  In Massachusetts and Maine doctors are beginning to write “prescriptions” for fruits and vegetables. These prescriptions are given to at-risk families and can be filled at the local farmers market.

A Registered Dietitian (RD) is a health professional that is focused on the relationship between food and health and helping you meet your goals. It’s easy to find one in your area. Simply log on to, click on “Find a Registered Dietitian” and enter your zip code.  Preventative care is key to living your best life!

Too Much Food?

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This Gizmodo post talks about 10 ways to save excess food.  From dehydrating vegetables to donating fruit from your backyard tree, there is more than one innovative way to deal with abundance.

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  1. Thanks for a post that makes us think….I think sometimes we believe we are better off not knowing too much about what we eat…..but knowledge is power, and if we have the knowledge we have the power to change things!

    September 26, 2010

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