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Weekend Reading: Cheese vs. Your Health

Eat low fat dairy products. Eat more cheese.  The first statement is a long-time general promotion by the government as a way to lower the levels of saturated fat in American diets and help prevent heart diseae. The other statement is a goal of Dairy Management, a division of the USDA that promotes cheese.  These ironically opposing views of the USDA are discussed in this NY Times article published on Saturday. The promotion of low fat dairy over the years led to a surplus of cheese and butter, and the government, who bought the excess, had to find a way to sell it.  According to the article, Americans eat 33 pounds of cheese per year – triple the 1970 rate.  While full fat cheese is a source of saturated fat, some people involved with these organizations are saying that regardless, it’s important to promote cheese for calcium.  Just how much cheese are we talking about?  This analysis of 1/4 of the Domino’s American Legends Wisconsin pizza (with 6 types of cheese) shows that it contains the following:

Think about what these numbers would look like if you ate more than 1/4 of the pie.

Have you seen more restaurant items or recipes with cheese recently?

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