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Pack it to go

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If you’re looking for a new packaging option for your lunch, Fresh Snack Pack reusable bags may be your answer. These packs come in two sizes – sandwich and snack.  They’re also perfect if you’re eating outside because they unfold twice so that they can be used as a “plate” for your food.  These packs are eco-friendly, washable, reusable and budget friendly – the perfect addition to any on-the-go meal!

Try these sandwiches and snacks in your packs:

  • Sliced chicken or turkey with reduced-fat havarti cheese, tomatoes, watercress and honey mustard on multigrain bread
  • Hummus with sliced cucumber and tomatoes, shredded carrots, diced red pepper and parsley in a whole wheat pita
  • Mixed berries and granola to top your yogurt or to eat alone
  • Reduced-fat cheese with whole wheat crackers and sliced apples or pears
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