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Mindful Eating

Your yearly weight loss resolution may be long forgotten, but it’s never too late to think about ‘eating mindfully’. It can easily reduce stress around food decisions and help with weight loss. Here are my ideas of how to do it:

Think about your food. Is the most important thing that your food is organic? Or your meat is antibiotic free? Or your fish is sustainable? The answer doesn’t have to be yes to all of these, but it’s important to understand the language on food labels and make informed decisions about how to spend your money.

Set aside time to eat. You’ll inevitably rush through some meals, but whenever possible, focus on the act of eating, the food, the flavors and who you’re with or the environment. Not only will you enjoy the meal more, but you may also end up eating less.

Break out the nice dishes. It doesn’t have to be your anniversary to use your special tableware. An ordinary meal after a stressful day or for an in-home date night will feel more meaningful with fancy dishes and silverware.

Practice portion control. This will allow you to focus more on the elements of your meal (maybe you’re treating yourself to better quality ingredients), and you can enjoy favorite foods and dessert guilt free in smaller amounts.

Reduce food waste. Everyone feels a little guilty about throwing away rotten vegetables or leftovers that have been in the fridge too long. Help prevent this by planning your meals for the week ahead of time and freezing leftovers immediately after dinner. Not only will you save money on groceries, you will also save space in our landfills.

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