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Mind Your Peas and Cues

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You’ve gotten the go-ahead from the pediatrician and now it’s time to eat! First meals can be both fun and stressful for all involved. As a parent you may be concerned about how much your child is eating, but it’s important to let your child make the decision because they know when they’re full. It’s up to you, the parent, to provide healthy, nutritious foods. Below are tips to know when to keep the meal going and when to call it quits.


I’m hungry! Signs your baby wants to keep eating:

  • He or she opens mouth for the next spoonful
  • He or she leans towards the spoon when it’s brought to the mouth
  • He or she looks at you expectantly and voices satisfaction


I’m full! When the meal is over your baby may:

  • Purse his or her lips
  • Turn his or her head away
  • Shake his or her head ‘no’
  • Lean backwards

One thing to remember – be patient and don’t get frustrated. Your baby may only be hungry for a few bites of food and that’s ok! If your child doesn’t like a food, offer it a few more times with other familiar foods. If he or she still rejects it try again in a few weeks. Babies may not like certain foods just like adults. Most of all, enjoy these early messy meals and begin to build a strong foundation for your baby to have a healthy relationship with food in the future.


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