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Did you know… Coconut Water

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Looking for a new way to refuel after an outdoor summer workout?  Try coconut water!  It’s commonly found in supermarkets and health food stores alike.  Coconut water is the “water” found inside young green coconuts, which will later develop into the white coconut “meat”.  Coconut milk is a higher calorie (yet still delicious) creamy liquid derived from squeezing the meat of mature coconuts.  One cup of plain coconut water contains ~60 calories, no fat or cholesterol, and is a good source of the electrolytes magnesium and potassium (1 cup of some brands contains more potassium then a banana!).  Most brands also contain vitamin C and trace amounts of sodium.  You may see coconut water in mango, passion fruit and pomegranate flavors (just to name a few), so check the label of your favorite brand to see exactly what you’re drinking.

If you’re looking to add some tropical flair to your next meal, try mixing coconut water into your cooking water for rice, add it to a smoothie, or use it in a dessert!

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