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Food Find: The Village TeaRoom Restaurant and Bake Shop

On a recent trip to the Catskills we stopped for lunch in New Paltz at The Village TeaRoom Restaurant and Bake Shop, set just off the main road. With a menu filled with food from local farms and perfect fall weather outside we were in for a treat! I had the apple chutney chicken salad served over greens with shallot vinaigrette and slices of a just-picked apple on the side, and my husband had the Ploughman’s Lunch complete with lamb pie, cheddar cheese slices, multi-grain bread, cornichons and another farm fresh apple.  It also came with tea and cookies, a perfect introduction to the “bake shop” part of the restaurant.  There are no meal pics because I didn’t realize how delicious the food would be until I practically licked the plate clean, but I do have evidence of the baked goods before we had a mini dessert feast.

The sign didn’t lie – these vanilla-filled cream puffs were some of the best I’ve had.

I couldn’t resist a slice of the honey bee cake with its chocolate “bees”! This was unique -a vanilla cake with honey butter cream and a honeycomb pattern for decoration.

The Chocolate Chubbies were very chocolate-y, and if we had bought any more, I would definitely be chubby! This recipe is currently featured on their website.

These are the cookies that came with our lunch. I especially liked the ginger maple leaf!

If you’re looking for a perfect fall lunch and seasonal desserts I recommend making a reservation now!

Food Finds: Vancouver

I vacationed in the Pacific northwest recently, and after all of the excellent restaurant reviews from friends, colleagues and Frommers, I silently hoped the food would live up to its reputation. Well, the accolades are well deserved. From often-reviewed restaurants to out of the way finds, this vacation turned into two weeks of good eats paired with perfect weather. First up- Vancouver.


Salt Tasting Room

Located in Blood Alley in Gastown, the only identifier is the saltshaker flag above the door. The premise is simple – choose three cheeses or meats (or a combination of both) and three condiments for your meal. A wine pairing option is also available.  If you’re not familiar with the always revolving menu, tell your server your preferences and they’ll choose everything for you. This is actually the best way to try new combos, and they have the menu and pairing expertise. We went for a late lunch after driving all day were happy to let our server do all of the work! We were thrilled with our choices, and both of us tried foods that were slightly out of our comfort zone (i.e. spicy fennel sausage and smoked pork neck – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!). If we had more time in Vancouver we definitely would have made a repeat visit.

Gyoza King

I have to thank Frommers for this recommendation near Stanley Park. Packed with people of all ages and backgrounds, this restaurant lives up to it’s name and serves delicious gyoza. I can vouch for the vegetable, vegetable with spinach and chicken versions as delicious. I can also vouch for the pan-fried udon with vegetables. If you want to know about anything else on their comprehensive Japanese menu you’ll have to try it in person.

Raincity Grill

I’ve read about Raincity Grill for a few years now and was excited to have the chance to eat at a seasonal/local restaurant pioneer. We tried the 100 mile tasting menu with wine paring in the hopes of having an authentic taste of the area. Authentic, local and mostly delicious – yes. The dining experience I thought it would be – no. For the most part the food was well prepared, but there were a few amateur mistakes – unopened clams with a random noodle in the broth? Overcooked proteins? I expected better, even on a Wednesday night. If you go I recommend sitting outside overlooking the water. The restaurant was quiet when we went and the well-worn carpet and banquettes were not what I was expecting.

Caffe Artigiano

Perfect for an afternoon break in Vancouver and Victoria, this coffee house has a carefully curated list of coffee and tea that will please any palate.

No trip to Vancouver would be complete without spending time on Granville Island, a plethora of food finds that will have a post of its own!