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Breakfast in 5

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5 simple breakfast ideas that can be in your mouth in 5 minutes or less (unless you are a new mom, in which case there will be a future post for you).

1. Toasted frozen homemade waffles topped with almond butter and berries or raisins

2. Berry Blast smoothie – strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries (fresh or frozen), plain yogurt, and a little skim milk, blended until smooth. Think about adding a banana or a splash of citrus juice to brighten  the flavors.

3. Yogurt, granola, fresh diced apples, raisins and crushed almonds

4. Fresh fruit diced or sliced paired with low-fat cottage cheese or with cheddar cheese and walnuts

5. Whole wheat toast with unsalted butter, a sliced hard boiled egg or 2 slices of smoked salmon, sliced avocado and a pinch of sea salt

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